Glorious Goddess Portrait of Felisha Star by Amalya Peck of Glorious Goddess Studio

Glorious Goddess Portrait.

I just celebrated a big birthday with a Glorious Goddess Portrait.  After realizing that I would never be as young as I am now I decided to treat myself to a Photo shoot with Amalya.

Amalya Peck is a talented Photographer and Artist.
She is a teacher of Woman’s Spiritual Studies and a High Priestess.
This is not your average photo shoot or portrait.

Entering the gorgeous Goddess Studio of Escondido you are transformed to a place of magic. We had already spoken about what “essence” I was interested in capturing. She helps with wardrobe and accessory ideas.


I am all about the Fire energy. Excitable, enthusiastic, sparkly and creative are words that describe what I wanted my photo to portray.

The studio was set up professionally with ladders and spots, backdrops and veils. Beautiful music played in the background. It was so much fun being directed by Amalya who is also a dancer.
Twirl and turn and click and click. The time went very quickly. After the photo shoot we went to her office and looked through her images on a big screen. Wow, is that really Me?

Her final embellishments make the photo a masterpiece.

Check out her website:
Click on Glorious Goddess Portraits
Treat yourself to a Magical experience honoring the Goddess within.
Blessed Be.

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